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Gold Rush at Milking Time

A year has passed since I last put pen to paper and I am sure I said I would every now and again drop a note to let everyone know what we are doing, so here we are again.

We went through last year relatively unscathed, as I seem to remember my brother on New Years day, on getting out of the tractor, missed the bottom step and landed on his ankle, and spent the next three weeks at home in the warm with his ankle bandaged up. He still blames the icy conditions at that time and nothing to do with the new Year's Eve party he was at until 2am.

In the processing dairy we have been putting in a new packing line as we, as a famly want to move away from plastic containers in the one pint and one litre sizes to move into recyclable one pint and one litre waxed cardboard cartons with a screw top. This we hope to have up and running in about a months time.

On a regular basis, we have all our grass and silage analysed for protein, dry matter, sugar etc. and whichever we are deficient in, we buy a dairy cake to balance the diet of our dairy cows, to keep them as healthy as possible. The dairy cake is fed in the milking parlour as the cows are being milked. This week we have changed our cattle cake to a higher molasses cake called Gold as the grass is now losing some of it's condition at this time in the season.

Well, now it is like the January sales at Harrods, everytime we milk the cows, as each one tries to get in the milking parlour to have their ration of Dairy Gold. It won't be long before the novelty wears off and we go back to normal.

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